The Luxury Korean Housing for Rent: Apartments

If you’re moving to Seoul or another city as a family, then you’ll want to get yourself familiar with this type of Korean housing. Apartments, by Korean standards, are much more luxurious than what you normally would think of by western definition.

They’re basically apartment complexes with a whole list of features and amenities that make it a dream to live in. Yet, they’re much more expensive and they’re usually made for large families.

If you’ve never set foot in Korea or you’re just looking to get a bit more information on what to expect when it comes to living in the big city, then this will be a great read for you. We’ll through all the possible questions and concerns you may have about when it comes to living in South Korea.

Why choose a Korean apartment?

In a big city such as Seoul, apartments are considered one of the most luxurious options available. They’re not really made for people who live alone. However, if you’re coming to Korea with a family, then you’ll want to look more into this.

So what makes Apartments in Korea such a big deal? For starters, if you actually plan to rent or buy an apartment in Seoul, it may cost you much more than you would expect. The amount you would spend to buy a decent sized apartment could be the same as you paying for a house in your home country.

This is all due to the competitive real estate and massive concentration of the Korean population in one metropolitan city. If you have a company that’s willing to sponsor your housing expenses, then that would be a great boon. However, we’ll go through your what your options are and how to find the perfect Korean apartment.

Where are the best Korean apartments in Seoul?

Most apartments in South Korea are on high rise buildings and are constructed by large corporations such as Hyundai or Lotte. Their quality varies much based on their age and location. You’ll be able to find the fanciest types of apartments in the more popular districts in Seoul.

To most Koreans, a prime location such as Gangnam, Mokdong or Jamsil are some the best places to find an apartment. The reason is due to the top tier education offered within those regions. They have some of the best private institutes (Hagwons) and international schools that boasts of sending their students to the best universities overseas and in Korea.

An area such as Gangnam is also one of the biggest transportation hubs of South Korea. You can easily get anywhere by bus or subway. There are countless places to dine, shop and spend the evening with family and friends.

gangnam square

What does a typical Korean apartment look like?

A typical Korean apartment has a very distinct character the moment you enter the front door. The entrance has a designated section where you can take off your shoes, as it is part of the custom.

Korean apartments are modern, clean and simple. Equipped with a digital door lock and an indoor floor heating system, they’re as comfortable as as they can get. The design can vary from unit to unit, but the overall quality are definitely up there when it comes to western standards.  They are also located on high rise buildings which usually have a fantastic view of the city.

You’ll want to take note that the price of the apartment varies depending on which floor its in. The 10th-20th floor are considered the optimal locations. They’re very much sought after by investors and home owners for their prestige.

typical Korean apartment

What does a Korean apartment come with?

Apartments in Korea, depending on the company which constructed the building, are considered to be a much more convenient option for the vast majority of Koreans. In the city, they’re also more affordable for families compared to houses.

Furnish vs. Unfurnished

Most Korean apartments do not come furnished, especially if you’re renting long term or buying the apartment yourself.  However, this very much depends on who you’re renting the apartment from.

Whether you have a furnished apartment or not, there are many ways to buy furniture in Korea. Checking out a local IKEA would be great for starters. You’ll also be able to find them in Hypermarkets such as E-mart, Lotte Mart and Homeplus. Otherwise, Korea is just full of places dedicated to selling different kinds of furniture.

If you’ve got your bank account and credit card set up, you’ll also be able to shop for furniture online, which removes all the hassle of going to the store yourself and picking it up.

Internet and Cable TV

Internet services and cable are handled by three large corporations, LG Uplus, SK Broadband and KT Corporation. Most apartments would require you to set up your own individual internet service, which could be done quite quickly. You may be able to find some apartments that already have internet installed for the entire building. If that’s the case, your internet bill will normally be included in your management fee.

Korean Loft Apartments

Some luxury apartments in Seoul include a second floor or a loft, just like the ones that can mostly be seen in the Manhattan Soho. While these types of apartments are usually more expensive, they’re also usually very much sought after for being unique and spacious. However, it’s important to note that the loft could get quite hot during the summer.


Security and Safety

High-end apartments normally have the best security compared to any other types of housing in Korea. As you’ll be paying a monthly management fee, that usually includes advanced security systems.

All apartments include proper fire alarms and fire extinguishers. The hallways and public facilities are also monitored via CCTV. Modern apartments also come equipped with an electronic door lock system. To top it off, apartments in Korea also include a security guard at the entrance.

Parking Lot

Unlike other types of housings in Korea, apartments come with a parking lot. Apartments built by large corporations usually include fully developed parking lots on multiple floors.


Apartments in Korea are also required by law to have elevators installed if there are more than 5 floors. As apartments are on high rise buildings, it’s also natural to have an elevator as well.

Balcony or Terrace

Some luxury apartments in Korea may also include a terrace or balcony. These types of apartments are quite expensive as they have a great view of the mountains, river or even the city. If you’re interested in getting an Seoul apartment with a terrace, you’ll have to consult with your realtor and specify what you want.

Other Amenities

Among the many features that apartments have to offer, they also include several other amenities that make them just overall convenient for living.

There are many health centers, hair salons, spas, swimming pools and restaurants within close proximity of Korean Apartments. Some of the newer complexes may also include all these features within the vicinity.

Some luxurious apartments also have their very own park. They’re located close to the apartment buildings and they may also include a small playground for children.

How can I rent an apartment in South Korea?

Most luxury apartment complexes in Korea are built by large corporations such as Hyundai and Lotte, but each apartment is sold individually to private owners. When a new apartment complex is being built in Korea, many Koreans or foreign investors grab the opportunity to invest in one of the apartments.

When it comes to renting an apartment, you’ll be renting from the owner directly with the help of a real estate agent. You can negotiate with the owner and the real estate agent on the pricing, conditions or any other important details.

The easiest and safest way to rent your very own Korean apartment is to check us out at Location Korea or contact us by filling out the form below. We can help you get started in finding your dream apartment in Seoul or any other city in Korea.

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