Hongdae Neighborhood Guide

If you ever find yourself having to live in Hongdae because of a job offer you can’t refuse, or if you’re a student in any one of the universities nearby: Hongik University, Ewha Women’s University, Sogang University, then here’s what you need to know about life in this young, trendy and vibrant neighborhood in the … Read more

Outlet Malls

lotte premium outlet

If you were to ask a Korean where the best place to go shopping is, many of them would immediately tell you, Outlet Malls. The experience shopping at an Outlet Mall is hard to describe unless you’ve actually been to one. There are many awesome deals you could get for brand name products of all … Read more


korean supermarkets hypermarkets general stores

Visiting a local Korean supermarket or hypermarket may be the best thing for you if you plan to buy things you’ll need from day to day. These markets are usually offer better deals than smaller businesses while also having longer visiting periods. When it comes to buying your groceries or basic daily needs, marts and … Read more

Duty Free Stores

korean duty free stores

When it comes to buying famous luxury brands in Korea, then Duty Free Stores are the way to go. Most duty free shops can be found in major international airports, such as Incheon International Airport. You can also find duty free shops located in major cities and provinces all across Korea. Furthermore, you also have … Read more

Department Stores

When it comes to upscale, then you’ll find no better place than shopping at Korean department stores. In Korea, all the largest and most luxurious shopping centers are owned by large conglomerates (Chaebol) such as Hyundai and Lotte. Most department stores are equipped with a multi-lingual support staff that can service in English, Mandarin(Chinese) and … Read more

The Complete Guide to Gangnam Property


Even before Psy introduced Gangnam to the rest of the world through the hit song “Gangnam Style”, this district has already established itself as the most upscale district of Seoul. If Seoul is the heart of Korea, then Gangnam-gu (“gu” means local government district) is the heart of Seoul. From designer brands to lavish night … Read more