The Easiest Way to Rent in South Korea

Location Korea makes finding, renting and documenting your stay in Korea the least of your worries. We help expats, foreigners and other non-Korean speakers access dream properties and rentals in the country that never sleeps. 

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Looking to move into a new home in Korea? We can help you find you navigate the challenges that come with renting or buying in a foreign country. With a range of properties on offer, you can now easily acquire or rent the property of your choice.

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Seoul relocation and living guide


Not sure where to look? With our knowledge of the local landscape, properties and demographics, we can help you locate properties close work, school and entertainment to your budget.


Korean property terms are different to those you will find in the United States or other western countries. Get help with negotiation to improve your terms and make essential checks before completing a transaction.


Korean legal documentation for housing doesn't need to be complex and confusing. With or without translation, we'll make the paperwork process seamless with English speaking experts.

Rentals in Korea

Seoul National Univ. Studio Deposit: ₩500,000 Rent: ₩700,000
Itaewon Station, Apartment
Rent: ₩4,500,000
Gangnam Station, Apartment
Seocho Station, Loft
Deposit: ₩10,000,000
Rent: ₩750,000


"Location Korea is the bridge for other foreigners, just like us, to rent or buy in Korea. It's about breaking down barriers to barriers for English speakers who want to make a life here."
Calvin Li

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