The Versatile Korean Housing for Rent: Villas

When you hear the word villa, you may be imagining some grand luxurious mansion in the countryside, resembling the ones found in Europe. However, Korean villas are more similar to condominiums in the west. They’re one of the most common types of housing in South Korea.

You can find villas scattered across the country, especially in the metropolitan city of Seoul. Each Villa has their own distinct character, and the quality of the building and unit depends on when it was built and how the landlord has maintained it. They also usually vary from unit to unit as you can get a one-room studio apartment or even a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment large enough for the entire family. Most villas in Korea are characterized by having 4 to 5 floors. It is required by law for buildings to install an elevator if it exceeds 5 floors.

We then we’ll cover everything you need to know about villas, what questions to ask your realtor and how you can get your very own housing in Korea.

What kind of Korean Villas are there?

Villas in South Korea are condominium type apartments that have a variety of uses. Some villas could be used for purely residential purposes, while others could be used as a place of business. However, this very much depends on one important factor — who owns the property.

For example, while an entire villa building could be under the possession of one landlord, there could be another villa that could belong to several landlords. It’s also possible for each apartment unit or apartment floor to have an individual private owner.

Some villas could be owned by a corporation or a single landlord, and have its rooms leased out to other companies or individuals. This type of building management allows villas to be flexible with how they are operated.

Apartment Villas

Similar to Korean apartments in a high-rise building, there are certain villas which offer living spaces as big or fancy as the ones constructed by a large corporation. Some newly built villas could look or feel much more extravagant compared to their high-rise counterparts.

While some apartments can take up a fraction of one floor (one-rooms), others could even take up the entire floor. Apartments are very customizable depending on who, or which company constructed the building and who currently possesses the property.


One-room Villas

In Korea, one-room villas are typically villas which have multiple rooms available in a single floor. They’re a single room studio apartment which have all the basic lifestyle amenities such as a working bathroom, heater, air-con, kitchen, bed, desk, closet, etc. One-room apartments are one of the cheapest living spaces in a big city like Seoul or anywhere else in Korea.

They’re becoming much more popular these days as the demand for single housing increases in an ever competitive real estate market. Most villas are privately owned by a single landlord, multiple investors or even a corporation.



Mix-use Development Villas

While most villas are constructed for the purpose of only being residential, there are some specific villas which have multiple uses. These mix-use development villas in Korea (주상 복합 건물) can have a combination of residential apartments as well as a cafe, restaurant, hair salon, supermarket or even a small start-up business.

These types of villas are more common in residential areas which have less urban development. These businesses benefit the neighborhood residents by providing them a more convenient alternative. At the same time, they can also profit from the lack of competition from large hypermarkets.

What do Villas come with?

As Korean villas are one of the most common types of housing you’ll be able to find, this gives you the widest range of options to choose from. This also depends on preference, as you’ll need to specify what you’re looking for when meeting your realtor. Here are some ideas for you to consider when searching for a villa apartment.

Furnished vs. Unfurnished

In Korea, some of the villa apartments for rent could come furnished or not. If you plan to rent short term, then you’re more likely to get one that includes a bed, table and some other furniture. However if you prefer to buy your own things, you’ll want to talk to your realtor as you may have to pay more for a furnished apartment.

Old building vs. New building

It would be a good idea to ask your realtor how old the building are. Newer buildings tend to be much more modern and are less likely to have any “old-building” problems, such as leaks and cracks on the wall. While most apartments are usually well maintained by their Landlord, it’s best to check the apartment unit in person to be sure what you’re getting. However, it’s also important to note that older buildings usually tend to be more spacious.

When it comes to negotiating, you’ll have to find a good balance between finding something modern versus one that’s spacious. If you’re living in Seoul, the real estate becomes much more competitive and you’ll usually have give up one for the other.



Parking Lot

Most villas offer a parking spot for an additional monthly fee. If you think you’ll be driving around Korea, you can confirm with your realtor if your villa has any available parking space and what the going rates are. The standard rate is 30,000 won ($30 USD) a month for parking, but it varies from building to building.

These parking spots are very limited, so they’re only available for a few select tenants. However as most residents in South Korea take public transportation, it should be more than possible for you to villa that’ll have available parking space.


Why Choose a Korean Villa?

Whether you’re planning to live in the countryside or Seoul, you can find villas almost anywhere in Korea. They are by far one of the most common living spaces in South Korea.

The best part of choosing a Korean Villa is it’s versatility and flexible pricing. They can go as low as 350,000 won ($350 USD) a month to as high as 6,000,000 won ($6000 USD). This depends on the location and quality of your villa apartment unit. You’ll be able to discuss with your realtor exactly what you want. A good tip would be to ask about all your options.

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